The Motorist or How To Avoid Getting a Ticket in 3 Minutes

The Motorist (Booth, 1906) tells the story of a man and woman traveling down the road in a car when they get stopped by a police officer on foot patrol. Standing in front of the car, and to avoid a ticket, the driver sees an opportunity to get away by possibly running over the police officer. Instead, the police officer ends up on the hood of the car for a bit before falling off.

The man and woman continue driving until they reach, what the viewer would think, is their destination. Instead of exiting from the car, they drive the car up the building until they are in the clouds. Then they drive across the clouds to the moon and around the moon. Back upon the clouds, they reach Saturn and driver around the rings a few times. Shortly thereafter, after driving across some more clouds, they drop into a courthouse and drive back out on to the road only to meet a police officer. It’s not clear if it’s the same police officer or another. Still trying to avoid a traffic ticket the driver does something the audience doesn’t see coming and it clever. As to leave the enjoyment of the surprise to the viewer what the driver does will be left unsaid but rather seen.


The Motorist – 3 minutes – 1906 – Walter R. Booth – Country of origin United Kingdom


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