21 Days Together: When A Murderer Takes a Holiday

In 21 Days (1940, aka 21 Days Together) directed by Basil Dean, Larry Darrent (Laurence Oliver) accidentally kills his lover’s (Wanda, played by Vivian Leigh) husband. Larry, talking to a man outside a pub of sorts, unwittingly drops the gloves from his pocket.  After Larry leaves the man pick up the gloves. Because of the gloves, the man is arrested and his trial is set to take place in 21 days, hence the title.

Larry and Wanda have the time of their lives while this poor guy is on trial for his life. If found guilty the man will be executed.

The story dragged a bit for me and I couldn’t get into the main character, Larry. I’m not sure if it was this particular movie but Laurance Oliver did nothing for me as an actor. This is not to say I won’t give him another shot in another movie. As for Vivian Leigh, well, she was just there.

When Larry and Wanda are at an amusement park, they would show the man on trial, switching back and forth to show, I feel, how one can forget another’s life hangs in the balance for something they didn’t do. I like how they did this and find it quite advanced for a film of its time. It took me almost three nights to watch it for when I would start I got bored and turned it off.

I’m not sure if I would recommend this film to anyone. Usually, if I don’t care for a movie I would either recommend it or won’t recommend it. I’m going to leave this as is and leave it up to you, the viewer, to decide if you want to see it or not.

21 Days is currently streaming on The Criterion Channel

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