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Abducted On Air tells of Sasha, a TV reporter who is regulated to cover stories about abandon buildings and things going on in the community is determined to become a real reporter that reports on breaking stories. If Sasha can’t report on the breaking stories, she’ll become the breaking story.


After work one evening, Sasha rehearses and tapes one of her recent stories. During her run-through, someone sneaks up behind Sasha and kidnaps her. The incident is caught on tape. The next morning Sasha’s co-workers find the video camera turned over, and what seems like something bad happened. Upon viewing the tape they see the kidnapping of Sasha. What Sasha’s boss and her competitor aren’t aware of is Sasha planned the kidnapping with a former professor of her’s she having an affair with. In exchange for helping her with her fake kidnapping, he would get exclusive rights to her life for his book.

Sasha does become the breaking story and a few stories after her ‘escape’, but she needs to keep the story going to stay in the spotlight and relevant. For this to happen, Sasha must take things further by framing a co-worker for her kidnapping. But Sasha is not the only one with tricks up her sleeve.


The title of the movie Abducted On Air (Gagnon, 2020) is misleading. Sasha isn’t abducted while reporting a story live on air. The video of the abduction is shown on air. Perhaps, that’s where the title steams from.

The story from the beginning to the end is well constructed. From the writing to the acting. Adding underlying issues Sasha is dealing with makes the story more intriguing and allows the audience to sympathize with her for a second here and there.

Kims Shaw as Sasha Bruder: source: IMDB

Kim Shaw (Saving Hope) was very convincing as Sasha Bruder. She delivered her lines, facial expressions and physical demeanor that will give the viewer chills. With her friendly face, Shaw could become the go-to sociopathy in any movie.

The chemistry between all the actors and actresses fit well. Nothing seemed off-kilter and no one seemed out of place.

The story flows perfectly. There aren’t many parts the audience will question things as is often done with Lifetime movies. But that’s what the viewer loves about Lifetime movies anyways, the ‘roll-your-eyes’ moments that have made Lifetime movies famous. Regardless of the viewer rolling their eyes or not, Lifetime does present, for the most part, pretty good movies, and this one doesn’t disappoint.


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