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Lucas Ward, a transfer student from Fresno, California, excels at everything he does. His favorite subject in school is English and when he analyzes a story, he takes it to the extreme by writing a dissertation instead of a few page essay.

Mr. Butler is Lucas’s new English teacher and he shares the same love of literature as Lucas. Lucas’s first day in class provides Mr. Butler with the type of student he wants, someone who is engaging and understands the reading. They both feel they have found a kindred spirit in each other, more so Mr. Butler does in Lucas. But when Mr. Butler gives Lucas a B+ on an assignment and refuses to give him an A, as Lucas thinks he deserves, kindred spirits are broken and animosity takes its place.


Lucas begins causing havoc in Mr. Butler’s life starting with his application to be a professor at a college. Lucas is able to get a hold of the essay Mr. Butler wrote and replace it with one that makes Mr. Butler seem like he’s better than the students he will teach and better than anyone around him. However, Mr. Butler doesn’t know this until he meets with the head of the department who informs him of his essay and that he will no longer be considered for the role of professor.

At home, Mr. Butler reads over the essay and begins to notice familiar words that he wouldn’t use but Lucas would, one of which is opulent. He finds more unusual words and compares, not only the sentence structure but the words to one of Lucas essays and realizes Lucas is the one who rewrote Mr. Butler’s essay and submitted to the college.

Mr. Butler confronts Lucas who denies everything. This is just the beginning of Lucas’s revenge on Mr. Butler. Lucas’s act of revenge keeps escalating until tragedy strikes.

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The pace of the movie was perfect and you could definitely tell it is an independent film just based on the sound quality and lack of music throughout the film. This is what I love about indie films, the sound and lack of music, in addition to the low-quality film used to make the movie. Everything seems real and I find acting in indie films to be better than those of A-list actors.

Dylan Sprouse as Lucas Ward

Dylan Sprouse (The Suite Life of Zack and Cody) as Lucas Ward provided the right kind of calm demeanor to the character to freak you out a bit.

My only issue with the movie was the ending. I felt there could have been more and should have been more. Because I don’t want to give the ending away, I won’t say any more about it.

I give the movie 5 out of 5 stars and will definitely give it another go soon.


Dismissed is currently streaming on Netflix and stars Dylan Sprouse as Lucas Ward and Kent Osbourne as Mr. Butler.
Director: Benjamin Arfmann. Writer: Brian McAuley

You may also purchase the movie by clicking on the link Dismissed

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