Framed By My Fiance [Movie Review]


A man (Daniel played Jason Shane-Scott, Shrieker, Until Death, Caught and Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss) who is on the top of the list to be the next judge is hell bent on keeping his nose clean in order to get the job even if it means setting his fiancé up for a car crash which caused the death of another driver. To add insult to injury, the dead person was someone important and thus the charges will be harsh. Now the fiancé (Jenny played by Katrina Bowden 30 Rock) must prove she wasn’t driving the night of the accident. On top of all that, the dead man’s man wife (Mrs. Langford) has lost their unborn baby.

Now Jenny has lost her job at the hospital due to Mrs. Langford public harassing of her. When Jenny goes to confront her she explains that it was Daniel, not her, that was driving at the time of the accident. After she finally convinces Mrs. Langford she’s telling the truth, Jenny explains that Daniel has a nervous twitch when he’s confronted with something. With this knowledge in hand Mrs. Langford goes to see Daniel and when she asks him about the accident he tells her that Jenny was driving. During this period, Mrs. Langford notices the nervous twitch Daniel has. She now wants to team up with Jenny to take Daniel down. But is revenge really sweet?


I really wanted to enjoy Framed By My Fiancé, and I sort of did. However, I was hoping this was a book that was made into a movie. If there was a book I was going to read it for the movie seemed to lack a lot. The movie seemed to skip a lot of information and possible scenes. I think they should have made this into a two part movie (2 hours each) for it would feel more together. It’s hard to give examples without giving parts of the movie away.


Overall the movie was pretty good. It had a good premise and very good acting by most of the cast. It definitely showed the lengths someone would go to to protect their prospective job and the road to their success. As with any Lifetime Movie there were a few things I questioned happening, but had to remind myself this is a movie, not to mention a Lifetime Movie and they aren’t much on logic, just on plot even if if the plot has holes.

I will always be a fan of Lifetime movies whether I like the movie or not.

I recommend the movie if you get a chance to see it. Framed By My Fiancé premiered last night on Lifetime Movie Network.


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