Freelance Writer / Content Contributor

I’m a freelance writer with experience interviewing celebrities such as Jennifer Beals (Flashdance, The L Word) and Terence Blanchard (jazz musician, composer of Spike Lee movies). I’m also a book and movie reviewer. I’ve been reviewing books since 2015 and movies since 2013.

My first freelance role was with City Light Magazine out of San Francisco, CA (2004 – 2005). The publication is no longer in circulation. Since then, I have been blogging on and off through various blog sites I’ve had.

In 2015 I became more serious about my blogging, which was focused on movie reviews. Mid 2015 I decided to try my hand at reviewing books and found I enjoyed that as well. Thus, I have combined movie reviews and book reviews as my niche.

I am seeking a role as a book and/or movie reviewer for a publication or web/blog site. Although I enjoy doing reviews, I am open to anything presented before me within reason.

Please Email me so we may discuss a possible freelance writing / content contributor roles.

Thank you for your time,