Greta Review: Isabelle Huppert Befriends then Torments Chloe Grace Moretz

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Isabelle Huppert (The Piano Teacher) stars as Greta, a very disturbed lonely woman who leaves her purse on commuter trains to be found and delivered by unsuspecting young women. Chloe Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass) is Frances, an unsuspecting young woman who finds the purse and delivers it to Greta at her house. Greta invites Frances in for tea and light conversation. During this time a loud noise is heard to which Greta explains its the neighbors remodeling. Greta gets up, faces the direction of the noise and tells the neighbors to stop by and yelling. The noise is now gone. This should have been red flag number one for Frances but sometimes you can’t see the frame when you’re inside the picture.

source: IMDB


Greta invites Frances over for dinner. While looking for candlesticks, for Greta’s house is kind of dark, Frances finds more purses just like the one she found on the train. A posted note is attached to the back of each purse with a girl’s name on it, and one of them has Frances’s name on it. Aware of what Greta’s possible true intentions are Frances can barely finish her dinner. Before dessert is served Frances tells Greta she’s not feeling good and she should leave. Greta tries to get Frances to stay but Frances makes a B line for the front door, to never look back.


Greta is not one of those people to let things be. You can see it on how immaculate her house is and definitely in how she picks her victims. We can surmise she’s either thought about or tried different methods to lure young women to her house and found leaving a purse on a train the perfect trap.

After Frances leaves Greta’s house she begins getting phone calls and texts from Greta, and trust me there are plenty of both. It’s not long before Greta shows up at Frances restaurant where she’s a waitress and follows her wherever she goes. Frances devises a plan to hopefully get rid of Greta, but even best-laid plans have their flaws.


I’ve come across comments and reviews in which a lot of people didn’t like Greta. For the most part, they didn’t like the pace, and some felt they have seen similar movies. I will take the latter as being true, but it’s the execution of those playing the roles that sets this movie apart. Huppert is excellent as a woman who knows no boundaries, has no moral compass and stares you down while smiling at you. Huppert has a calming voice, trustworthy demeanor along with an aurora about her that makes you feel at ease.

But Huppert has the ability to change in a nanosecond. And when she changes from sanity to insanity, there’s nowhere to run or hide. And what makes Huppert’s psychopathic character that much scarier is she digs her claws into you without you feeling anything. The sting from Huppert comes much later and the pain is excoriating.

This type of acting might not be for everyone. The Piano Teacher and Le Ceremonies are of the same caliber of Greta. The stories and characters are being built, slowly but surely. It seems to me Huppert picks these types of rules. She also has the ability to hold the audience, well some in the audience, attention. I was captivated by Huppert when I first saw her and this is what drew me to Greta. I almost didn’t watch the movie because of what I read, but I’m glad I didn’t listen to naysayers.

: Isabelle Huppert, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Miaka Monroe, as Frances best friend Erica
Written by: Ray Wright (The Crazies, Case 39) and Neil Jordan (The Crying Game, Michael Collins)
Directed by: Neil Jordan
Release Date
: March 2019
Run Time: 98 minutes

Greta is currently streaming on these services. You can also purchase the movie on XFINITY for $5.99.

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