Jawline: When InstaFame isn’t that instant

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The documentary Jawline (Mandelup, 2019) follows Austyn Tester, a 16 -year-old (at the time of filming in 2017) of Kingsport, Tennesse. Austyn is trying to escape his small town by becoming famous via social media, mostly using YouNow for broadcasting. YouNow allows for live streaming where people, like Austyn, can talk to his fans from around the world.  Actually, Austyn fans are mostly in the United States.


At the time of filming Austyn was doing good and had a high number of followers on all platforms he was apart of. He was even picked up by a talent agent named Michael Weist, CEO/Founder of JuiceKrate, a broadcasting, and media company. The site definitely needs some work.

Austyn went on tour with a group of already famous young men his age. He thought the tour would garnish him more followers and bring him fame as well, but it didn’t. His contract is also an issue he needs to deal with but the documentary never said how he sorted that out.

After the tour, he returns to Kingsport, TN with no motivation to continue doing what he was doing at the beginning of the documentary. He began slacking a great deal and thus lost followers. When he tried to engage with his fans, they are less responsive. As Austyn said in the beginning of the film, you have to be consistent when it comes to broadcasting and he wasn’t later in the film.


I enjoyed Jawline. I’m glad I didn’t grow up in this time of social media and InstaFame. I grew up in a time that hard work got you somewhere. This InstaFame is fleeting, as Michael said at the end of the documentary. Good looks fade, you have to have substance to have longevity in this business.

I looked at Austyn’s Instagram account and it’s all pictures of himself. This is a big turn off for me. All this tells me is he cares about nothing but himself. What about the world around him? Although he’s from Kingsport, TN, the area he and his friends and brother go swimming looks nice. He should take pictures of that and post it. Get people interested in Kingsport. I never heard of Kingsport until this documentary and I like what I saw. From this, he can grow as a broadcaster and find his voice.

Austyn needs to find his voice, actual voice, and fewer selfies and grow his brand from that. Like Michael said these 13-year-old girls won’t be 13 for long and he won’t be 16 for long (this was said in the documentary when Austyn was 16). He needs to grow as his audience grows to keep them as well as get new followers.

Jawline directed by Liza Mandelup is currently streaming on Hulu.

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