Jordan Peele’s Us: Tethering, Hands Across America and Hall of Mirrors



Jordan Peele’s Us opens in 1986.  Young Adelaide and her parents are at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. While her father is playing a game and her mother goes to the restroom, Adelaide wanders off, only to end up at a hall of mirrors type attraction.

It’s 2019 and Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o, 12 Years a Slave, Black Panther) is grown up with a family of her own which includes a boy, Jason, and a girl, Zora (Shahadi Wright Joseph). They have a house near the boardwalk they go to each summer. Gabe (Winston Duke, Avenger’s: Infinity War, Black Panther) Adelaide’s husband, wants to go to the beach but Adelaide is not so keen on doing so. She does her best to talk him out of it but to no avail.

While at the beach with their friends Kitty (Elizabeth MossThe Handmaid’s Tale, Mad Men) and Josh (Tim HeideckerThe Trail tv series) Adelaide’s mind is somewhere else. When her son, Jason (Evan Alex) disappears, she panics. But soon he appears and all is good. I should add that Jason likes to wear a devil’s mask. This is no coincident to Jason, from Friday the 13th, who also wore a mask, but he wore a hockey mask.

Later that night Adelaide tells Gabe about her experience in 1986. Gabe now understands Adelaide’s fear of the boardwalk. Gabe is a bit on the dorky side and he displays it throughout the movie, which at times is funny and other times is very frustrating for Adelaide and the viewers.


Jason tells his parents there are people in their driveway. They are dressed in red jumpers with sandals on. Gabe tries to wart them off but with no luck. When the family is inside the house Red Adelaide tells a story to the family. Things take a turn for the worse. Adelaide and her family must do their best to save each other.


I have to say I was apprehensive about watching Us because I so disliked Get OutBut after watching Us it makes me want to re-watch Get Out for I know I missed something. As mentioned, the pace of the movie keeps you interested. When we see Adelaide with a family of her own, we are still left wondering what happened to her in the hall of mirrors. And when the family shows up in the driveway to shortly reveal they are carbon copies of Adelaide’s family, our minds can’t help but race, yet keep us at the moment.

When all is revealed towards the end of the movie, I found myself replaying the beginning of the movie in my mind. I watched this movie on Sunday. It’s now Tuesday and I can’t shake this movie from me. This is definitely a movie I will watch again. Oh, I won’t be visiting Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk again any time soon. Thanks, Jordan Peele.

Get Out has the same reveal, but for some reason I missed it. I will be rewatching Get Out and possibly rewriting my review.

Us is currently available for rent on Xfinity | Amazon Prime Video | Google Play | Vudu


Jordan Peele gave the cast ten horror films to watch so they would have “a shared language” when filming: Dead Again (1991), The Shining (1980), The Babadook (2014), It Follows (2014), A Tale of Two Sisters (2003), The Birds (1963), Funny Games (1997), Martyrs (2008), Let the Right One In (2008), and The Sixth Sense (1999).

Ironically, the name of the Tylers’ unhelpful virtual assistant, Ophelia, derives from the Greek “ophéleia,” meaning “help.”

In the beginning, the scene where the “Hands Across America” commercial is playing, a VHS copy of C.H.U.D. and the Goonies can be seen on the shelf to the left of the TV and a copy of the Right Stuff can be seen underground. C.H.U.D is about underground creatures and the Goonies takes place primarily in underground tunnels. The Right Stuff takes place primarily above ground and in orbit.

The use of the song I Got 5 On It appears to resonate with the main theme of the film. It tells of two guys each chipping in $5 to buy a $10 bag of weed, which like the scissors and the repetition of the number 11 within the film, is a combination of two things creating one whole, just like the Tethered themselves.

(source for trivia: IMDB)


Written and Directed: Jordan Peele
Runtime: 116 minutes
Release Date: 22 March 2019
Production Company: Monkey Paw Production

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