Lifetime Movie’s My Father, My Kidnapper aka The Past Never Dies

source: IMDB
source: IMDB

Jane Marsh was kidnapped and held in captivity for six years. During her captivity, she got pregnant and gave birth to Casey. It’s been 20 years since they escaped and their kidnapper was caught and sent to prison.

To keep her and daughter safe Jane created new identities for the two of them, but when a college reporter from the local college learns of Casey’s true identity he exposes her online. Because of this exposure, her mother gets kidnapped, but not by a stranger but by Casey’s older half brother. What Casey didn’t know because her mother never told her is there was always someone with Jane’s kidnapper, she just never knew who it was until she is chained up in a room with another woman. Now, it’s up to Casey to save her mother.

The director did a great job of telling the story from the moment they were able to escape, giving a quick glimpse into their lives now and especially when Jane was kidnapped. There is an element of fear that coats the movie because it’s not just Jane that ends up getting kidnapped but random women are getting kidnapped and killed.

Casey’s desperation to find her mother is also felt along with her anger over the college reporter exposing her true identity to gain more exposure for himself. This act mirrors society today in that ‘likes’ are more important than someone’s life.

For a Lifetime Movie Network movie this was really good. This is not to say they don’t have good movies, but sometimes a movie comes along that sticks with you and this is one of them.

My Father, My Kidnapper is currently playing one LMN. Check your local listing for date and time.

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