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In Tempted by Danger (Bradley, 2020) Nicole Banks (Gabrielle Graham) is a successful lawyer on the verge of becoming a partner with her firm. Her sister, Angela (Keshia Knight Pulliam), runs a marketing agency. Michael (Michael Xavier) is also in marketing and begins working for Angela. Through Angela, he meets her sister Nicole. At first, Michael seems like the right guy for Nicole and her for him. But for Nicole work is a priority. For Michael, Nicole is a priority. And he makes that clear in ways that aren’t normal. When these two worlds collide, who will be left standing?


Watching Keshia Knight Pulliam grow up on The Cosby Show (Sandrich, 1984) as Rudy Huxtable, it would make it nice to see her transition from child actor to adult actor. However, this was not the case in this movie with her playing Angela, Nicole’s sister. The first time viewing Pullman as an adult actress was in Beauty Shop (Woodruff, 2005) and she was enjoyable. She still had the Rudy face but grown-up. In Tempted by Danger her acting seemed force. Her character didn’t require many dramatic scenes save for one, and even that didn’t come off naturally. It was uncomfortable to watch at times, but doable, for she wasn’t the main character.


Gabrielle Graham as Nicole Banks was natural. She seems like one of those actresses that’s likable in any setting she’s viewed in. Not being familiar with her work might allow some viewers to not have preconceived notions about her. Even if the viewer is familiar with her work they will still find her role in this movie just as enjoyable. Her lines were delivered without flaw, saver for a few spots, and didn’t seem forced, except for a few spots.


Michael Xavier as Michael the stalker was excellent. With his good looks and sense of style he was able to pull off and switch from the nice guy to the stalker. His character was written in a way in which he didn’t come off psychotic. No rants, no tantrums thrown, nothing familiar with stalkers. When Nicole broke off their first official date via phone it would seem Michael would have shown some type of anger outwardly. Instead, it was kept internally minus the frustration shown on his face. After the phone call, it would be expected that he would throw his phone or hit his car a few times. Instead, he kept his cool and went about his business.

But a possessive stalker wouldn’t be such without following their obsession. And that’s what Michael does. Not believing Nicole has a work dinner he follows her only to find Kyle and Nicole having a drink together at a restaurant. What Michael didn’t know is the client’s Kyle and Nicole were meeting were on their way. But to stay for the conclusion is not in the possessive stalk’s rule book. Michael took what he saw as the real truth in Nicole breaking their date. Nicole meets up with Michael the next day and explains the meeting and that all went well with the clients. And for a while, Michael is satisfied, until…


Overall the movie was good. It won’t leave the viewer bored for a second. The chemistry between Xavier (Stalker) and Graham (Nicole) was definitely there. Lauren Balson Carter, whose credit is that of co-producer on a number of projects, wrote the script. She has a way of telling a story that keeps the viewer intrigued without going over the top. Her characters are kept in line while unleashing the crazy within them, but just enough to not drive the viewer away. These are characteristics of a good writer. So much so, one would hope to see more from Ms. Carter in way of scripts.

Tempted by Danger is currently playing on the Lifetime Movie Network. Check your local listings.


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