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I grew up watching Match Game and now I watch reruns on BuzzrTV (channel 169 for me – San Francisco Bay Area Xfinity). This is one game show that doesn’t get old no matter how many times I watch it. The main reason is it’s host Gene Rayburn (pictured left on above picture).

I must say I was little when I watched this show, therefore,I don’t remember a lot of the contestants and some celebrities guests (minus the regulars like Brett Sommers, Charles Nelsen Reilley and Richard Dawson and few others) that were on the show, but I remember the format and some other things related to the show.


Watching re-runs I’ve been introduced to the most nervous game show contestant I’ve ever seen, past and present. Her name is Evie Phineas. You have to watch the entire show below. I must warn you, you will be rolling over Evie. I have a feeling this lady was the nicest person on earth.



  1. I thought it was painful to watch a woman with some variation of Turrets Syndrome being ridiculed on public television, even though it was the 70s and TPTB didn’t know any better. Gene Rayburn and especially Brett Sommers seemed to pity Evvy and want to help her through it, and the other celebrities seemed compassionate as well. But the camera guy was sure making the most of her discomfort and ticks from the beginning when he focused on her feet nervously tapping under the table.

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