Netflix’s Broken Explores Fake Cosmetics, IKEA Faulty Furniture, Recycling and Vaping

source: Netflix
source: Netflix

The Kylie lipstick kit or power has sold out on her site but found on eBay. The buyer has struck gold. Even better the product is selling for much less than on Kylie’s site. Double gold. But once the product is received and the consumer applies the lipstick to lips or the powder to the face the buyer begins to experience issues such as burning or lips being glued together. The issue is so bad the buyer ends up in the ER at their local hospital.

The IKEA dresser purchased has just toppled over and killed a child, many children over the years. People think vaping is less harmful than cigarettes but unaware that vaping is worse than cigarettes and the vaping company knows exactly what they are doing when they target teens as the cigarette company targeted military people during World War II. And all the recycling people are doing is causing more harm than good for the environment and the ocean.

Netflix’s Broken (Johnasen, 2019) explores what’s broken in the world that is being passed off as being good. Not only good for the world but for the environment. This Netflix docuseries explores the cosmetic industry, vaping, IKEA furniture and recycling. Each subject has its own episode told in-depth ranging from 58 mins to 1 hour. Narrated by Jenise Morgan the series provides both sides of each subject as to give the viewer the opportunity to make up their own mind on what’s true and what isn’t, but the end result will always be eye-opening.

Broken (Season 1: 4 Episodes)- 2019 – Director: Sarah Holm Johansen and Steve Rivo – Narrator: Jenise Morgan – Country of Origin: USA – Streaming: Netflix

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