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Nikki Stone (Virginia Tucker, Wicked Mom’s Club) is a high school senior who is waiting for her acceptance letter from a prestigious college. She has been told by her one of her teachers she will be valedictorian of her class. Nikki is riding high until she gets home. There she finds her father sitting at the dining table who, in a roundabout way, tells Nikki she’s failed him. She’s not sure what he’s talking about until he shows the letter from the college turning down her application. The reason she was turned down is they have accepted someone else through the legacy program. The legacy program is where an applicant’s relative has gone to that college before and done well in life. Think of the recent college scandal minus the briberies.

The way Nikki’s father is talking to her we can surmise that he has been belittling Nikki her entire life. No matter what she does she’ll never be able to please him.


After doing a little research, Nikki learns who was accepted and thus begins her journey to destroy mother and daughter, starting with the mother, Dr. Carol Allen played by Lauralee Bell (Christine ‘Cricket’ Romaloti on The Young and the Restless). Nikki’s first action is to meet Dr. Allen and she does this by smashing her lower arm with a hammer about three times. This action brings her to the ER where she only wants to see a female doctor, and in walks Dr. Allen. When asked her name, Nikki says Melissa Waters.  Yes, she changed her name, her looks, and her backstory. During the course of the conversation, and Melissa’s lying about her current circumstances, Dr. Allen invites Melissa, to be a guest in her home for as long as she wants. Upon Dr. Allen telling her boyfriend of what has transpired, he feels she’s being impulsive, and I agree with him. However, Dr. Allen has a good feeling about Melissa. OK, doc, it’s all smiles and giggles until someone tries to kill you.


Melissa starts out the perfect tenant by cooking breakfast the next morning (and the breakfast did look good), after having cleaned the kitchen and putting on the charm. Dr. Allen buys into this hook, line, and sinker. Dr. Allen’s boyfriend soon buys into the charm as well and can see what Dr. Allen sees in Melissa. There is none so blind as those who will not see.

The sweet and mild-mannered Nikki Stone we see at the beginning of the movie hides an exceptional talent for deceiving others, and it’s made very clear when she becomes Melissa Waters. I’m not sure how she came up with the name, but by her numerous actions, I have a feeling it’s one she’s used before. It’s evident Nikki has worked out the kinks in the past and might have a Ph.D. in deception.

Melissa/Nikki is the type of person that lies in wait for the right opportunity to make her move. And if the opportunity is not there, she will create one and leave no one in her wake, or die trying.


I enjoyed the movie as I do just about all Lifetime Movie Network movies. It was a little predictable at times, but that didn’t bother me. The acting by Lauralee Bell is the same as when she plays Christine Romalotti on The Young and the Restless, or when she was in another Lifetime Movie Network movie Mistress Hunter, which I also enjoyed.

Nightmare Tenant premiers tonight Friday, 22 March 2019, at 8 pm on LMN. Check your local listing.

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