source: Hulu
source: Hulu

PARASITE: An organism that lives in or on an organism of another species (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the other’s expense.

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side and if it is, it’s probably artificial turf.

In Parasite (Ho, 2019) Mr. and Mrs. Park are very wealthy, thanks to Mr. Park. They live in a house once owned by a famous architect who also built the house. The maid who worked for the architect now works for the Parks. The Parks have two kids, a boy, about 10 and a girl in high school.

Mr. and Mrs. Kim are poor and live in a cramped basement apartment with their two high school kids, a son, and a daughter. They make ends meet, barely, by folding pizza boxes for a local pizzeria. If the boxes aren’t folded to the owner’s satisfaction they get docked pay. The family if very, very poor but they have a great relationship with one another. If a choice was given on living wealthy with the Parks or always having a good time with the Kims, the Kims would win hands down.


Mr. Kim’s son Ki has a friend who is tutoring the daughter of the Park’s in English. He’s leaving the country for a bit and wants Ki to take over the tutoring to which Ki is eager to accept for the pay is great. Ki taking the tutoring job allows a way for his family to get jobs with the Parks. How they obtain the jobs is by dishonesty but smooth. And this is when the line between classes is seen while being blurred. There is also a secret that’s revealed no one will see coming and the knowledge of this secret sets off a chain of events that will leave all involved changed for life.

The best picture winner at the 2020 Oscars left a lot of people wondering why. After seeing the movie it’s evident on why and how this movie won against favorite such as Ford v Ferrari, Marriage Story and even Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. 


Boon uses a lot of overhead shots, also known as elevated shots or birdseye views in scenes in which something major is going to happen. These shots are great for providing not only aerial shots of the entire location while panning across that location to another location within the same scene. Boon also uses long shots, which another effect on storytelling. This allows the viewers to focus on what’s in the middle of the shot, which most of the time is a person while taking in the entire scene. Shots like this should cause the viewer to pay attention to what they see for it may or may not be important later.


Parasite is a deep movie about class separation in Korea that’s been going on for decades. From the movie, viewers can gather that in Korea there’s only the poor and the rich, no in-between. The lines are blurred and the rise to the top is harder to reach than the fall to the bottom. But the movie is more than about class separation. Parasite explores choices one makes despite their current situation. As mentioned, the Kim family are a fun family. They are aware of their situation and do the best they can to get by. They take nothing for granted, especially each other.

The Park family, on the other hand, have money, but that’s about it. They seem very disconnected from each other despite the fact the mother tries to have family outings and does what she can for her son for his birthdays. The daughter is in her world and the father works long hours.

It’s the clashing of the two families that brings everything to light, the good and most definitely the bad. The result, as mentioned, will leave lives changed forever and the viewer left in their thoughts. This isn’t a movie to judge straight away after viewing. It has to simmer within the viewer before making a final assessment of the film.

The Kim family always having fun despite their situation adds a nice break in the movie with some comedy. But to label this a comedy along with drama and thriller should not be. It seems studios add labels just to get people to watch their movies. For instance, V for Vendetta (Wachowski, 2005) is under the following genres: action, drama, sci-fi, thriller. Where is the sci-fi within this movie unless the advanced technology used within is considered sci-fi. Either way, this can be debated, but at another time.

Parasite is currently streaming on Hulu with a runtime of 2hr 12min. Genre: Drama, Comedy, Thriller


“All my life I had to grind and hustle / I had to work like Kobe just to shine like Russell.” Money by Leikeli47 


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