Quarantined vs. Being in Prison: Which Would You Choose

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I’m a homebody and have always been since about six or seven. I say since six or seven for something happened to me during that time period. According to my mother (rolling eyes for that’s whole other talk show), I was at a neighbor’s house on a high object (possibly a table) and fell. This fall caused my nose to bleed. This fall also caused a change in my personality. Again, according to my mother. I use to be outgoing and sociable. Since I don’t have any memory of that time, I can’t say if this is true or not. What I know is true is my first line in this post, I’m a homebody.

This quarantine is not affecting me at all. It’s only allowing me to put my Ph.D. in Homebody to good use. I have everything at home I need to stay entertained including a plethora of streaming services along with my over-priced XFINITY cable and Internet. Oh, and homework. I’m currently enrolled at Arizona State University majoring in Film and Media Studies. I just wanted to throw that in there.

I also have a job I go to every day for I’m considered an ‘essential employee’.  The idea that people have lost their jobs, temporarily, has caused me to appreciate mine a bit better. Not that much better, but I’m glad to have a job to go to.


I say all that to say this. Apple News arrives in my Inbox daily, among other news sources (nothing serious, for I take nothing seriously, or as serious as I should) and there is an article in today’s edition from a prisoner who said being in prison is nothing like being quarantined at home. I have to agree with that. But let me give you a quick backstory to my beliefs in prisoners and prison.

I feel prisoners have it better than they should. They get a free education, TV, heater in the winter and air conditioner in the summer. If the heater or air conditioner in the prison is broken they can claim inhumane conditions. If my heater or air conditioner breaks, I call the repairman. Where’s the fairness and I haven’t broken any laws. But what we have that prisoners don’t have is our choice of roommates. Different rooms we can choose from to go to. Some people have TVs in each room. We (general public) have a patio with patio furniture we can sit at. A kitchen we can cook whatever we want. We can order food from Door Dash, Instacart, Amazon Prime Pantry and so forth. We do have it good if not great.

I’m going to end my commentary here and provide you with an article to read. After you’re done,  your feedback is definitely wanted on either the article or how you are taking being quarantined. For those that are considered ‘essential workers’ and have complained about your job, are you now grateful to have a job?


The following article came to me via an email from Apple News via The Marshall Project, a nonprofit journal related to criminal justice or injustice.

Title: No Your Coronavirus Quarantine Is Not Just Like Being In Prison.

It’s definitely a good read and will open your eyes to what prisoners go through. However, this is how I feel about those complaining about being in prison:


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