Searching (2018) – Starring John Cho and Michelle La

source: IMDB
source: IMDB

Searching stars David Kim (John ChoBetter Luck Tomorrow, Harold and Kumar) is left raising his 16-year-old daughter after the death of his wife, her mother, due to cancer. He has a great relationship with his daughter Margot (Michelle La, Mom) and they chat frequently either via iMessage or FaceTime. Margot is at a school friend’s house studying when she talks to her father via FaceTime, about being home late. She’s trying to negotiate a time later than her curfew. Being a typical teenager and not wanting her father to get the last word, she hangs up. Twice during the night, she tries to call her father with no answer. The next morning, David is unable to get a hold of Margot.

Now begins the frantic search for his daughter.


Starting with Margot’s piano teacher to the girl’s house Margot was at the night she disappeared, David begins speaking to Margot’s friends. No one has seen her.

He notices she’s left her laptop at home. If there’s one thing David knows about Margot is she would never leave without her laptop. This prompts David to searches her computer and especially her social media sites. He takes to Facebook, Tumblr, after he learns it’s spelled Tumblr and not Tumbler, Twitter and a video chatting social media site. This particular social media site allows the user to live video chat while others can chats with them by using the keyboard. It’s like Facebook Live video, you post a live video and people reply to it.

Through a few social media sites, David begins learning things about his daughter he never knew. One particular incident catches his eye. Margot has transferred $2,500 to an unknown person. David begins to dig deeper.

In between David combing social media is a Detective Rosemary Vick (Debra Messing, Will and Grace) who is assigned to the case. But having a detective trying to find his daughter does not calm David’s need to try to find his daughter on his own.


I really enjoy how this was filmed.  Instead of watching David search, which we do at times, we become part of the search. When he’s looking on Margot’s computer, we too, are searching. What David see’s we also see. All phone calls are done through the computer, for the most part. When we are viewing David in non-search mode, we are the camera on the laptop or seeing a YouTube video or news story of David.

We are shown how much of our digital footprint is left on the Internet. Margot’s Twitter account is set to private as is her Facebook page. But it’s the live video site that David gets the most insight into his daughter, along with an exchange of messages he finds between her and his brother.


I highly recommend this movie just based on how it was filmed and the story it tells. A few secrets about Margot comes out, but it’s nothing compared to what really happened to her.


Searching A Sony Pictures Entertainment Production
Starring: John Cho, Michelle La, and Debra Messing
Written by: Aneesh Chagnaty, and Sev Ohanian
Directed by: Aneesh Chagnaty
Runtime: 102 minutes
Release Date: 31 August 2018

Currently streaming on Starz or Starz via Amazon Prime

source: Sony YouTube (I’m going to jail – sigh)




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