Take Your Pills – Adderall is king in a world of confusion, or is it?

courtesy: netflix
courtesy: Netflix

In Take Your Pills (Klayman, 2018) the focus is on college students, a software engineer, a financial analyst, an artist manager, and an athlete who has used Adderall for various reasons and the highs and lows they experienced from the drug.


Take Your Pills opens with a few college students talking about Adderall and how they learned of the drug, either in college or in high school but started taking it in college. The history of the drug is presented to the viewer and soon a software engineer and a financial analyst are introduced to show that Adderall is not just for college students. Then a former NFL player begins talking about the drug and how it’s a performance enhancer and how it increases the tolerance to pain. The film does speak about the downside of the drug, but not as much as it speaks about the upside, which is it causes high stimulants and allows the person to focus on one thing instead of million things, which society has become accustomed to in recent years.


Take Your Pills can be considered controversial due to the focus of the film, which the audience can take as it’s more for Adderall than against. There are risks to taking the drug such as cardiovascular issues, addiction, which can be any drug one takes, and psychotic episodes for those without a history of psychosis. And although it mentioned the downside to Adderall examples weren’t presented as were examples of the upside of the drug. One upside witnessed is the financial analyst, Pete, and his co-worker had to work on a project that was due in two days. After the two days, Pete’s co-worker, who didn’t take Adderall, had a seizure from not sleeping for two days and ended up in the hospital. Pete, who took Adderall, was fine. Other examples presented would make the audience feel there’s nothing wrong with the drug.


The college student who was using Adderall said once she’s finished with college and has a job she’ll quit taking the drugs. But from her strong conviction the drug is what helped her get an A on one of her tests, it’s doubtful she’ll quit. The former NFL player did get off Adderall on his own and turned to meditation which he finds to be better than the Adderall.

The other athlete mentioned in the documentary but not featured who was on Adderall is Simone Biles, the Olympic gymnast. With the 2020 Summer Olympics coming up next year mentions of Simone placement in other events leading up the Olympics makes one wonder if she’s really off Adderall. The seed of doubt has been placed when the former NFL player mentioned her name when speaking of different athletes taking the drug.

This is a documentary many should see, but with the understanding that the upside to Adderall that’s being presented should be viewed with high caution. Seek out the downside before thinking Adderall will cure all your problems in college, work or life.

Take Your Pills, 87 min, Directed by Alison Klayman, is currently streaming on Netflix

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