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If you’ve seen Swimfan then you’ve seen this movie. The only difference, well two differences is this one focuses on a soccer player and the acting is deplorable.


In The Wrong Tutor: After School (DeCoteau, 2019) Emily is a transfer student who is taking Intro to Calculus just to meet the star soccer player Eric. Emily has researched Eric to know that he’s failing the course. If he doesn’t improve his grades he will get kicked off the soccer team. Offering to tutor him, Emily is seeking more than a helping hand, grade-wise. She’s obsessed with Eric before getting to know him. Knowing she has a thing for him because it’s blatantly obvious, Eric finally tells Emily he has a girlfriend. However, this seems to only heighten her interest in Eric. 


The music is extremely loud, as it seems to be in most LMN movies recently, and the acting is very sub-par, even by the likes of Jackie Harry and even Vivica A. Fox (whom I thoroughly enjoy seeing in LMN movies). Nate Wyatt as Eric tried very hard to sound and look happy, angry, sad, upset, and shocked, but couldn’t pull it off. Eric’s girlfriend Jess, played by Li Eubanks should get her money back plus reparations from the acting school she attended. And Ivy Matheson as the stalker Emily is just as bad.

Slow-motion seemed to be the director’s drug of choice for it was used too often and in parts that didn’t require it. There a few scenes in which the director had Matheson (Emily) move in slow motion which came off awkward and unnecessary.


The only good thing to come from this film was Jason Shane-Scott as the soccer coach and Vivica A. Fox as Eric’s mother. Although I found her acting below standards, I still enjoyed seeing her, as I do in all Lifetime movies she’s in.

The ending wasn’t a surprise either. Everything about this film was very predictable, and at times, off-kilter. For instance, there’s a scene where Jess is stung by wasps in her car and she can’t figure out how they got there. However, there’s a jar in her cup holder with a wasp in it, yet, she didn’t find that suspicious.

There are very few LMN movies I wouldn’t advise anyone seeing and this is one of them. Go watch Swimfan and see how a movie about high school stalking should be done.

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